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Crete Art.

Crete is a wonderful island with such diversity. Beautiful turquoise sea, pretty fishing villages, the awesome Samaria Gorge and the amazing mountain flats.

I’m sad to say I’ve only done one artwork of Crete so far – its definitely time to do some more…

The painting below depicts the unusual windmills that are dotted around the plateau at the top of the hairpin drive up to the mountains.

Crete Windmills | Monoprint | 420 x 300mm | £395
Crete Windmills | Monoprint | 420 x 300mm | £395

I love that piece!

If you love this painting or would like to commission me to make a piece about Crete, then please let me know.

If the piece you love has been sold, you can purchase a quality, numbered print as a canvas or on paper, at any size.