About Katie

Katie with her art at an exhibition.
Katie with her art at an exhibition.

My work is made from real-life sketches of places I’ve visited. Africa, Paris, Berlin, Thailand, Zanzibar, Morocco, Turkey, Cornwall, Wales, London…

They show my own memory of the place as well as a literal representation, with the feel of the place considered with the colours and medium.

I love using any material that will stick – for instance there is a painting of Iceland which I made from electrical tape, nail varnish and marker pen to really capture the bright, bright light of the sunsets.

There’s a painting of the Eiffel Tower complete with twinkling fairy lights to show how it sparkles in real life.

I make monoprints with an unusual technique of layering up swishes of colour first, then the monoprint from a pencil line, then acrylic, crayons and even glitter glue on top.

I love using my phone to make digital art, because I am limited by the size of the phone screen which keeps the simplicity yet can use any colour or medium I like (and don’t have to wash it up!)

A bit about my journey as an artist…

I graduated in Illustration in 2001 and then went on to exhibit work in Hampshire and London. I was a member of a Print Group by the Globe Theatre as well as ‘The Free Painters and Sculptors’.

I have run my own Open Studios in London and Hampshire and had my work featured in work spaces and pop ups. I’ve shown my work at markets and fayres, too.

I create book covers and illustrations in my business, Joy Factory. I bring joy and play into everything I do and I have lots of full sketch books and ideas of things I’d like to do, such as a shop in the inside of a handbag, Plymouth with the petrol coloured sky and real LED street lights, a seascape made from flotsam and jetsam…

I love doing commissions so please do get in touch if you have an idea…